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Rockbridge 2016 – Post III

Halfway thru. Waking up this morning was a bit harder this morning. Our cabin stayed up a little after the 1 a.m. hour. Can I get a shout out for coffee! Our guys were not up acting crazy, but rather sitting around talking and laughing. Even some serious conversations were taking place. Our cabin bonded last night.

Last night was incredible. Night 3 is always country theme. It starts out with a rodeo where the camp is divided into four families. I was named the family head of the Hatfields. Fitting right? Our family competed in the following games: shovel relay, stretcher relay, hippity hop (see pic below), and back spin relay. Afterward we ate a delicious country dinner as we sat on blankets. After club we had a county fair where kids could participate in a variety of fair type games to earn tickets where they could buy funnel cake, snow cones, or even “get” their leaders with a pie in the face, dunk tank, etc. If all this wasn’t enough we then did some dancing – O Johnny O and the Virginia Reel. The kids had a blast. There is something so beautiful about watching kids who don’t normally dance have big smiles and laughs. The night concluded with a hoedown in the club room fittingly finishing with a fruit smash. Boom! Another phenomenal day at Young Life camp.

We started today with breakfast. We also had our 2nd Real Life. Today they had 5 college students begin to share their stories growing up. The hope from this time is that each kid could identify with one person. This also helps us leaders when we meet 1 on 1 with our high school friends to learn their story and help them process life and faith. From Real Life we had the Water Regatta. Back to our families it was ran similar to the rodeo where we competed in different events such as: Sun bathing, sand sculpture, orcas relays, synchronized swimming, and more. After a delicious lunch here we are – free time. Soon the girls will do Bubbles and Randolph County boys head to the trees for the high ropes course.

Tonight will be another ridiculous theme night – quite possibly my most favorite of all. However, you will have to wait until tomorrow to hear about it. More importantly, Croc will share an all important talk tonight that will surely help kids understand the brokenness in all our lives and around the world. Kids are having a blast but they are also leaning in to the talks. Ok, I need to go get ready for the high ropes course. Until tomorrow…

Rockbridge 2016 – Post II

Incredible. Exhausting. Ton of fun.  I speak of the newest camp cabin activity – Bubbles. For an half-hour all the Eastern Mountains fellas rammed in or launched themselves at one another. All of delivered hits and all of us fell…some more than others. At the end of the night at cabin time, when I asked the kids what was their highlight, many of them said “Bubbles.” Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed knocking kids over and showing that I still have some strength and stamina. Equally, many of them knocked me over to remind me that I am not as young as I use to be.

Day 2 evening and night is always a memorable one. There is great dinner followed by the “Lit” club. Croc was great communicating the Gospel. After club, they dismissed us outside where freezie pops awaited us. Soon we were back in the club room for “Entertainment Night.” Entertainment Night is when the leaders get to be on stage performing funny skits or lip syncing. Belly laughs are frequent. The kids were encouraged to wear neon or white to club. Here is why: After Entertainment Night concluded, kids raced to the soccer field where glow sticks awaited them. They raced up to the gym to find a neon dance party. Essentially we jumped up and down to music with colored lights and a fog machine for 15 minutes. O yea, we got real sweaty too. What better to do after a cardio workout with friends? A pool party!

We raced to our rooms and changed into our bathing suits. With music blasting everyone jumped into a pool full of beach balls. Splashing, yelling, and belly flops off the diving board reigned supreme until…the whirl pool. Imagine 500 campers running around in a large rectangular pool. It didn’t take long for the whirl pool to get going and I mean fast! It is always one of my favorite parts of camp until…the night hits a climax with an amazing firework show! I cannot fully and adequately express the emotion felt being in a pool with 500 people and watching fireworks overhead – shot only about 50 yards away.Let it suffice to say that kids were in awe. Did I mention I love my job?

Today, Day 3, has been pretty great already. 3 of the 4 cabins (Randolph County and Tucker girls) met at 7 a.m. for an hour horseback riding trip that took us around the whole camp property. So much fun watching kids ride horses for the very first time. Our other cabin, the Tucker boys, did the high ropes course at 7 a.m. After a delicious breakfast we met in the club room for Real Talk. A time where we watched some powerful videos clips from The Breakfast Club, Mean Girls, and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. They all dealt with hard things that many kids deal with. We circled up in our cabins and processed it some. From there we had the Rockbridge Challenge where  the leaders led their cabins all around camp for a variety of different activities. This concluded with the leaders running the gauntlet (See the first picture below of Jonny and I) as kids throw flour bombs and water balloons at us.

Lunch has been had and we are now in free time. Tonight is another full and amazing night. I cannot wait for the kids to experience it and I look forward to telling you about it tomorrow. Thanks for reading, sending your kid, praying, and/or supporting Young Life. Until I write again…

Rockbridge 2016 – Post I



TBP_1812We have been here for just over 24 hours now. So much fun has been had by everyone already. Things really got going at the conclusion of our dinner after we ate the famous “Big Cookie” dessert. The program guys (A.K.A. The funny guys) repelled down from rafters of the dining hall onto a few tables. They ran to the stage and got the whole camp pumped up. I don’t think we stopped laughing and yelling for another few hours. Our first Club was “Lit” as our teenage friends like to say. For us older folks, “awesome” will suffice. We sang songs, watched videos, laughed at the funny characters of the program guys, and heard our speaker Croc talk. Rob “Croc” Crocker is a legend in Young Life circles. He will certainly hold the kids attention and help kids ponder the person of Jesus Christ in a non-threatening way.

Afer Club we were dismissed to our cabins to get our clothes we can throw away on. It was now obstacle course time. Obstacle course is what Young Life camps have been doing on night 1 for year now. You run through an obstacle course with your cabin – giant hill, cargo net, walls, slides, crawling army style, etc. You get wet and muddy and very tired! As you can imagine it is a ton of fun and great way to build cabin unity – a necessity at Young Life camp! Everyone loved it. Each cabin then had a surprise pizza delivery and sat on the cabin floor to process the day. We call this valuable and special time cabin time. Day 1…a success!

This morning after breakfast we had the all-camp volleyball game where each cabin dresses up in an outfit, play volleyball games, and earn chips by doing cheers and other fun activities. I got my camera out for that one so enjoy a few pics. Now it is free time after a delicious pool side lunch. Well I need to get going – our girls are heading to the high ropes course and us fellas have bubble soccer. Until tomorrow…


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