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Rockbridge Summer Camp: Entry 5

Here we are. Six hours from departure. I just got done going down the zip line with a young man who has a story that is nearly unbelievable. Abandonment, brokenness, lost, and death litter his story. I cannot adequately express how grateful he is here. He is having a blast and just conquered his fear of heights with be on the zip line.

Last night after our banquet / dress-up dinner, we heard the greatest love story ever told at club. Joe again hit a home run with talking about the cross Jesus had to endure and the implications of it. After the talk, we all were sent out for 20 minutes. The camp was completely pitch black. It is a very powerful time as kids often times pray or cry – sometimes for the very first time. We are then brought back into the club room where the summer staff and work crew are on stage singing. Summer Staff (college aged) and Work Crew (high schoolers) work without pay for a month to ensure the campers have a great time at camp. One Work Crew kid is picked to share his testimony between songs. A boy did a wonderful job sharing his redemption story. It was a very emotional night for many kids – lots of hugs, lots of tears. Afterward, we had free-time to hang out. Mostly everyone hung with their areas before heading back to their cabins for cabin time.

Today we had brunch and another Real Life. After Real Life, Joe shared about the resurrection and how it validates everything Jesus said and did. We then had an area meeting and lots of free time for us leaders to follow-up with our kids for one on ones to see how they have processed the Gospel and the week.

Soon there will be a New Believers Meeting. Kids who made decisions for Jesus or rededicated their lives attend this and learn how to live out their faith. Myself and a few other leaders will be there with a handful of kids from our area who have surrendered their lives to Christ Jesus this week and are ready to live it out. Amen!

This evening we will clean cabins, eat dinner, and have our final Club. Then onto the bus and home we head. Another life changing week for kids. Another week for kids to just be kids. Another week for kids to be free and have a blast with their friends. Another week to cast Gospel seeds on kids – trusting the Lord to do the redemptive work! Now us leaders go home, roll up our sleeves, for now the real hard work begins – discipling and following up.

Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for praying!20150708_181653 IMG_7060 IMG_7045 IMG_7049

Rockbridge Summer Camp: Entry 4

We do camp as another means to get kids, who normally wouldn’t get the opportunity, in front of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s a priceless privilege. Last night I had the honor to walk a young man through the threshold of eternity as he made a decision to become a follower of Jesus Christ! I will talk a bit more about where we are in the Gospel at camp but this young man was ready last night. We talked for a while and I did all I could to ensure he understood sin, what Jesus accomplished on the cross, and what it meant to follow Jesus. He was ready so he made the decision. Amen and Amen!

Joe hit another home run with his club talk. He shared clearly the root problem of sin. It was hard for some kids to hear (ex/ the boy mentioned above), but they are in a great place to hear the solution – Jesus and the Cross. We had our best cabin time as nearly every guy shared as we processed sin and its cause and consequences. I am anxious in a good way, for tonight’s Cross talk. Kids will have 20 minutes following the talk to go outside and sit quietly and undisturbed to process God’s infinite and incredible love for them. Our job as leaders will be to help fill in the blank at cabin time as well as share how kids can make a decision to become followers of Jesus. For many kids, tonight will be the greatest night of their life, one that will change their life literally for ever as they go from death to life in Christ Jesus. Other kids, those who know Jesus but maybe marginally, will understand the Gospel in a deeper way and will draw a line in the sand and truly experience God in a deep and intimate way. What a privilege it is to serve these kids.

Regarding program, things are slowing down. However, yesterday I let the cat out of the bag regarding that night’s theme – 50’s. It did not disappoint! After club we all went back to our rooms and got on our best 50’s clothes (see attached pics). We had a 50’s dinner followed by a hilarious Opera (an entertaining drama/musical that brings the characters plot to a climax and resolution). Then we sang and danced at a sockhop to classics like “Let’s Do the Twist.” After the sockhop we were given ice cream sundaes. The night concluded with quite possibly the best karaoke night I have ever witnessed and participated in at summer camp. Kids from different backgrounds and ethnicity united and sang whatever genre came on. We sang and danced our hearts out. The kids loved it. I lost my voice.

Today and tomorrow there is more time for leaders to get one on ones with kids to help them process life and Gospel. All of the guys from our cabin did do the high ropes course today, but for the most part things are really chilling out. Tonight will be our banquet dinner so kids will dress up.

I am super proud of our leaders at how they have loved and served their kids. Please pray with us for kids. Pray for us as we lead kids to the foot of Jesus. Pray because it really does make a difference! I will try and get one more blog in tomorrow but I am not exactly sure what will the day will entail. Until I write again…


Rockbridge Summer Camp: Entry 3

My cabin just got done horseback riding. It is finally a sunny day. All is well here at Rockbridge. Tonight is quite possibly my favorite of all nights at camp – 50’s night. There will be a tableau, 50’s dinner, we dress up – poodle skirts, white tees, & jeans, have a sockhop, and more. But I don’t want to get too far ahead because last night it was pretty amazing.

Last night consisted of a rodeo, club, a county fair, square dancing, and a hoedown. Yea, that is a lot of activities…and a lot of fun. Kids participated in a variety of “rodeo” activities such as shovel & dizzy back relays. The county fair is quite difficult to describe but kids leave club and in a field is set up as a county fair – a bunch of games where kids can earn tickets (think pop bottle ring toss, bopping for apples, etc.). The tickets can be used for food or to “get” their leaders – pie them (whip cream), dunk tank, and more. Afterward we square dance! Then we go inside to complete the night with a hoedown. Did I mentioned dinner was chicken, ribs, barbecue, beans, corn bread, etc.? Yup, Day 3 was another super night.

This morning’s activity was called a water regatta – a bunch of water activities that kids compete. They included, but not limited to, belly flop contest, sweater swim relay, highest blob, and synchronized swimming. It was a blast.  I am just not sure there are many things better than providing kids this experience…the greatest week of their lives!

With all this good stuff, I wouldn’t be honest if I said it is easy. It is exhausting for us leaders. We are often are dealing with hard and messy kids. At camp they see Jesus in a different light and are very attracted to him. Yet, at the same time, their struggles and issues come to the surface. So you have these two strong dynamic forces colliding at this incredible place called Young Life camp. I reminded our leaders today that we need to let God do God and we do us. I told them that only God can reconcile us to Him and only He can redeem us. All we can do is repent and remain in Him. We can help kids understand God’s job and we can help them if they decide they want to repent and remain. Ultimately, our job is to love the socks off these kids. I write proud of our leaders as they do an excellent job at doing that.

Pray for our kids. Pray they lean into Joe’s talks. Pray they engage in cabin time. Pray they connect with what is happening in our morning sessions called Real Life. Pray they open up to us leaders in one on ones. Pray they allow God in so He can work his reconciliation & redemptive work.  Tonight is a big night – kids learn about sin. Not the symptoms, but the cause and effect of sin or the reality of sin. Many kids will have an “aha” moment tonight as the problems in this world and in their lives will be diagnosed. Tomorrow night they will learn the solution, the remedy to the sin problem – Jesus and the Cross!

Enjoy the few pictures! Thanks for reading. Until I write again…20150706_130621IMG_0683IMG_6976IMG_6973


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